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EZ-2000 Washable Electrostatic Air Filter

EZ-2000 Washable Electrostatic Air Filter

EZ-2000 Washable Electrostatic Air FilterAuthorized Home
Environmental Dealer

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to high demand, there may be up to a one week delay for shipment of some of these sizes. We regret this inconvenience.

EZ-2000-Standard-SizesRegular price: $67.50Sale price: $49.95
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This is a great air filter for today's economy. EZ-2000 is a permanent washable home furnace filter. It works much better than a traditional throw-away filter, yet cost about the same per month over time. It is a reusable electrostatic home furnace filter that comes with a 5-year limited warranty. Just clean it once a month and use it again and again.

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Product Rating: (4 of 6 STARS)
This is a great filter solution if you are looking for a permanent washable home furnace filter. EZ-2000 is a washable and reusable electrostatic home furnace filter. It is a permanent washable electrostatic furnace filter and an a/c air conditioning filter. The construction quality is much better than many other brands we have seen. The filtering efficiency is also outstanding with independent testing showing 92% Average Arrestance. The pricing is favorable for this level of quality. The EZ-2000 has proven itself by having been in production for more than 10 years with thousands of satisfied users.

We have 60 different sizes of EZ-2000 in stock for prompt shipment. We even have the hard-to-find sizes. Please note that all sizes measure approximately 1/4 to 3/8 inch smaller than the stated size in order to conform with industry standards. Please choose your size from the list above or contact us if you don't see your size listed.

Sizes Available To Order From The Pull-Down Above:
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Purchase Quantity:
The EZ-2000 is sold one filter at a time (a single pack) Each filter has a five year manufacturer's limited warranty and should last you longer than that if you clean it as recommended. If you keep it just the five year warranty period, your cost is about $1.13 per month: that is as inexpensive over time as our cheap fiberglass disposable filters.

Recommended Filter Change/Cleaning Interval:
You don't change this filter: it is designed to be removed and cleaned once every 30 days or more often as needed. It really depends on the environment in your home and the size of your ventilation system. Since this filter captures more than your average filter, you really do need to clean it regularly. Failure to clean the filter will void the product warranty and may even damage air system components if left dirty for a prolonged period of time.

Product Description:
This is your best choice in a permanent washable electrostatic air filter. Manufactured by Home Environmental Products Company since 1991, the EZ-2000 has been the choice of thousands of people looking for a longer term filtration solution. Each filter comes with a five year limited warranty. With normal home use, you just take it out of your system and clean it once a month.

A word on construction: this is one solid filter. The filter frame is extruded as a single piece of heavy-gauge gold anodized aluminum. The frame is notched at three corners and secured at the fourth corner by four rivets to an internal "L" brace. Drain holes are provided on the bottom of the filter for water to drain after washing. A label identifies air flow direction for easy installation.

The EZ-2000 filter even comes with an owner's manual detailing installation and cleaning instructions. The manual also includes a technical information page and 5-year cleaning record sheet.

The self-charging synthetic filter media includes a "delta weave" black polypropylene front, an air-laid polyester inner pad, and a finer weave white polypropylene exit media. These three elements are sandwiched between two layers of galvanized wire cloth. This design affords maximum performance with low initial resistance for home use.

For you technical folks: independent laboratory testing showed average arrestance of 92% with peak arrestance of 95.7 percent. Initial resistance measured .19 inches water gauge.

Manufacturer recommends that this filter be cleaned monthly and installed in systems with at least one square foot of filter area per ton of air conditioning.

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