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EZ-Pleat Plus Pleated Air Filter (MERV 11)

EZ-Pleat Plus Pleated Air Filter (MERV 11)

EZ-Pleat Plus Pleated Air Filter (MERV 11)Authorized Home
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The EZ-Pleat Plus MERV 11 Pleated Furnace Filter is a great performing furnace a/c filter with more than enough efficiency to offer a significant improvement over traditional throw-away filters and standard pleated filters. This is our favorite home furnace filter and it competes very well with other more expensive brand name products.

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Product Rating: (5 of 6 STARS)
In our opinion, this is almost as good as it gets for a disposable home furnace filter. The construction quality is top of the line. The filtering efficiency is outstanding. The pricing is great. The EZ-Pleat Plus has our second highest rating of 5 STARS.

We keep 62 different sizes in stock for prompt shipment. We even have the hard-to-find sizes. Please note that all sizes measure approximately 1/4 to 1/2 inch smaller than the stated size in order to conform with industry standards. Please choose your size from the list above or contact us if you don't see your size listed.

Sizes Available To Order From The Pull-Down Above:
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12x15x1 12x16x1 12x18x1 12x20x1
12x22x1 12x24x1 12x25x1 12x30x1
12x36x1 14x14x1 14x18x1 14x20x1
14x24x1 14x25x1 14x30x1 15x20x1
15x25x1 15x30x1 16x16x1 16x18x1
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18x36x1 19x27x1 20x20x1 20x24x1
20x25x1 20x30x1 20x32x1 20x36x1
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25x30x1 25x32x1    
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Purchase Quantity:
Sold in 6-Pack or 12-Pack Cases: one 6-Pack case will last you a year if you change your filter every 60 days as recommended.

Recommended Filter Change Interval:
We recommend that the EZ-Pleat Plus be changed every 30 to 60 days as needed. Change frequency requirements really depend on the environment in your home and the size of your ventilation system. Do you live in a high-rise condo or on a farm at the end of a plowed field? Do you have pets and children running in and out? Do you keep your windows open when it is nice outside? Are your carpet and drapes old and dusty? How often do you run your ventilation system? Your filter is being used only when your system fan is running.

Product Description:
The EZ-Pleat Plus utilizes electrostatically charged filter media with a pleat count of 14 pleats per foot. Independent laboratory testing has shown that the efficiency of the EZ-Pleat Plus is a MERV 11.

Old fashion quality is incorporated in every filter by using a high-wet-strength double-sided die-cut frame which helps the EZ-Pleat Plus remain rigid even under rigorous conditions. This heavy-duty construction makes the EZ-Pleat Plus more resistant to "blowout" than many other brands. Rated UL Class II.

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