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Polyester Disposable Filter

Polyester Disposable Filter

Polyester Disposable FilterAuthorized Glasfloss Dealer

This polyester disposable filter is an improved version of the traditional fiberglass furnace filter which was invented at about the same time as air conditioning. The polyester media in this filter increases the efficiency and lowers the air resistance over the popular fiberglass filter. We selected this Glasfloss brand filter for it's strength and durability.

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Product Rating: (2.5 of 6 STARS)
This is an improvement on the traditional fiberglass disposable furnace filter that has been used by homeowners for more than 50 years. There are literally millions of these in service. Among polyester disposable filters, this is by far the best brand we have seen. Although it is an economical filter solution, it is not one of the flimsy models you would likely find at a large chain or discount store. This Glasfloss brand product is of the highest quality construction. We gave it a rating of 2.5 out of 6 Stars because it is at the upper limit of the low-end filter options.

We keep 56 sizes of polyester disposable filters in stock for prompt shipment. Please note that all sizes measure approximately 1/4 to 1/2 inch smaller than the stated size in order to conform with industy standards. If you do not find your size listed above, please contact us so that we may get it for you.

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12x30x1 12x36x1 14x14x1 14x18x1
14x20x1 14x24x1 14x25x1 14x30x1
14x36x1 15x20x1 15x25x1 15x30x1
16x16x1 16x18x1 16x20x1 16x24x1
16x25x1 16x30x1 16x32x1 16x36x1
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18x30x1 18x36x1 19x27x1 20x20x1
20x24x1 20x25x1 20x30x1 20x32x1
20x36x1 21x21x1 21.5x21.5x1 22x22x1
24x24x1 24x30x1 24x36x1 25x25x1
25x30x1 25x32x1 30x30x1  
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Purchase Quantity:
Sold in 12-Pack Cases: one case will last you a year if you change your filter every 30 days as recommended.

Recommended Filter Change Interval:
We recommend that this polyester filter be changed every 30 days or more often as needed.

Product Description:
Features The Glasfloss Polyester Disposable Panel filter is a step up from the fiberglass disposable filter that has set the industry standard for more than 50 years. This rigidly constructed filter maintains its integrity where others fall short. Always the highest quality, Glasfloss Disposable Panel filters have metal grids on both the air entering and air leaving sides.

Construction The Glasfloss Polyester Disposable Panel filter now uses "Polystrand" polyester encapsulated filter media to maximize its high dust holding capacity and lower air flow resistance over traditional polyester media filters. The media is held between two metal grids to prevent filter blow-out under normal operating conditions. The metal grids are thermally bonded to the internal side of a heavy-duty one-piece kraft fiberboard frame. This closed corner construction prevents dust laden air from by-passing the media through open corners. The filter frame is clearly marked with size, UL classification, and air flow direction. Rated UL Class II.

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